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Ansomone affects the endogenous human growth hormone. It stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of epiphyseal chondrocyte, cartilage matrix cell growth, growth and differentiation of osteoblasts, accelerates growth of liners and increases epiphysis width. Ansomon can accelerate protein synthesis throughout the body; alter the balance of Rh-negative nitrogen caused by injury or surgery; correct hypoproteinemia caused by infection or liver cirrhosis; stimulate the synthesis of immune globin and lymphadenoid, macrophages and lymphocytes proliferation; increase the ability to resist infections; stimulate collagenocyte, fibroblasts and macrophages growth in areas of burns and surgery, accelerate wound healing; accelerate the synthesis of cardiocytes, improve cordis contractile force and reduce its consumption of medical oxygen; regulate fat metabolism; suppress serum cholesterol and reduce protein density, compensate the shortage or absence of growth hormone, regulate osteometabolizm, cardiac and renal function in adults.