Elixir Somatropin 100iu

Price: £169.00


The Igtropin (Human Growth Hormone = growth hormone) has been known for many years in the environment of bodybuilding. HGH in combination with intensive training is the most effective way to become muscular quickly and permanently without the use of anabolic steroids. Scientists who have studied this hormone are unanimous, that is what is closest to the "Fountain of Youth" in terms of positive effects on the body, the mind and the energy level. Kit 1000 Mcg, 10 bottles of 100 Mcg.

With taking this product you will gain:

    Increased muscle mass and strength
    Reduction in body fat
    Improving skin texture and skin elasticity
    Wrinkle reduction and restructuring of the facial muscles: slows aging
    Improved hair growth and nail
    Increased libido and sexual satisfaction
    Produces a deep and relaxing sleep
    Increased energy levels and wellbeing
    Improved immune system
    Increase in bone mass
    Protection of tissues and organs against catabolism
    Improved recovery
    Healing effect on all the little injuries experienced by athletes such as tendonitis, elongation, sore elbows, etc.
    Anti-Aging (slows aging)